Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Process and I did it....

Difficulty with the weight of this frozen turkey
and just carried on.
Put a chair by fridge to put 1/2 frozen turkey on and slid chair to sink and was able to lift it.
Running water over it for about 30 minutes to somewhat thaw, patted dry, put in pan
and covered with my herbs and now back in fridge until cooking time at 7:30 in the morning.
Pecan pie with added chocolate chips for my Jamie, is done...
Dressing of dried corn bread, old bread and biscuits in covered bowl ready to be mixed tomorrow
with broth and my Sage.
Pumpkin pie will make this afternoon and kitchen floor is a mess.

I do not say this lightly
but with all I have experienced for months
"I am proud of myself."
girls wanted to bring everything and I said "no."

Someone asked me
"why do you continue to do this?"
and I replied so my children and especially grandchildren
have special memories and
remember coming to mama's and grandma's home  on Thanksgiving, Christmas,
special occasions,
 birthdays and home made meals she prepared...

Girls are bring a dish to add to what I have prepared...

Blessings continue
and crew arrived yesterday to clean all leaves around this cottage by the woods
also cleaned gutters and so pleased
as rain arriving for days later in the week.

I am thankful for so much
and could fill pages with the list

All who check in
and read my rambling...


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Family Time

Turkey is thawing, bowl is filled with cornbread for dressing, baking and chopping day.   Making sweet tea that my youngest granddaughter asked how I made it "grandma I love it."
Fresh green beans from a garden and canned are on hand.
Pumpkin and Pecan pie soon to be made...
Simpler table setting, my girls will bring the rest of dinner, so I smile as I anticipate seeing them.

Callie watches and I mix up pimento cheese while potato soup is simmering for lunch yesterday.
Turkey out of fridge tomorrow and will cover with herbs (still have Rosemary, Thyme
Parsley, Sage and Bay leaf) with salt and pepper to be uncovered in fridge until time to bake
on Thanksgiving.    Last year read about this simple procedure from Nan at Good Food Matter's
and the turkey was out of this world, so moist..

Some better as Prednison is working, balance still off  and looking forward to not leaving the woods
for the 6 days and then dreaded dental appointment.
Just not where I want to be but then may never be
if I am realistic  - but life is good.    So on the mat 2 or 3 times a day, eating continually, resting and life goes on.

It may only be me
but seems my body and mind are
 still on the old time....
It is dark when I go to bed
and dark when I arise in the morning....

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sharing In The Night and Thanksgiving Thoughts of You

I said almost 4 years ago that this one would never go on a high dose of prednison again.
Horrible memories of that time and here I am again finishing 2nd week with 4 more to look forward too
and then months of very low dose to come off of this medication with no side affects.

So prednison is a miracle drug, inexpensive, usually successful but you endure much.

Was told "this is really going to be difficult for you and please be careful and do not fall being
so medicated"  would have been difficult just with the oral steroid  but several weeks ago cortisone shots in shoulders, so it doubly difficult.
 Every side affect you can experience has been going on.
Some sleep for a few hours is better then no sleep.  Difficult to focus at time and guess
just a medicated feeling with so many ups and downs physically and emotionally
Cortisone totally dries body up and continually taking care of this plus drinking tons of
coconut water, probotics so I do not become dehydrated,  Daily Ensure and trying to eat healthy.
Thursday a crown came off of a tooth, has to be redone and today another tooth broke off
all of this to one who never had a cavity until age 60.  Soup and super soft food guess will
be my diet until dental appointment week after Thanksgiving.

Steroids lower your immune system and hopefully all successful with dental visit.

Much more has happened over last 2 weeks but will stop with this sharing.
Did not want to share what is going on at this time
but so many special ones writing and sharing over the years and did not want to just disappear
for weeks.

Have not been answering phone most of day and on computer once a day to keep in touch
with my children,   Just keep moving, resting, discomfort level comes and goes daily, do not like
the extreme ups and downs
but so thankful for so many who think of me with encouraging words, write, call and make offers of help
Thank you, Lana, Lisa and son, Lorene, Dan Green, Polly, Anne and Cindy....

It is best for me to just stay busy and focus on thankfulness as it could be a lot worse.

So continuing on and know with Thanksgiving soon arriving with family there would not
be time to share.   Will cook turkey, dressing, green beans from the garden and pies and my girls will bring the rest and can set the table.

Friend with nursery near her property brought yearly Christmas flowers, they give her and requested not as many this year.
They are on the loft with house plants brought inside and look so cheerful.   After Thanksgiving
will bring downstairs and girls will pick up their plant on Thanksgiving day.
Frost nightly
and brought some Sage and Parsley inside,  Nothing equals fresh Sage for dressing

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Then and Now

Jamie and I had recently moved into the old farmhouse
older girls in college and my son was staying part time in the city
where I wanted him to finish his school years.
Construction still going on
in fact
there were plastic walls
between the old original part of the home
and the new addition that was in the process of being finished.
I remember well, not feeling afraid in this new lifestyle,
it was wonderful to hear the frogs and all the night sounds in this open country.
I have shared many times - then and now this land feels like home and peace
in the core of my heart....A dream this one always had when being raised in an
apartment building in Detroit, the only place my young parents could find work.
I lived and worked as secretary at Ford Motor Company, met and married another
one working a simple life with large construction equipment.
Marriage, children, opportunity opened and a dream happened with hard work and
economy was booming - as it went to the top - a business grew for a few years
provided much.
A recession came, was a horrible time, business went downward fast, yes there was a recession
but I took care of business issues, we could have pulled out but I  could not handle the other ones spending or personal habits and it was destroying me,
so all continued downward including a marriage.
Finally I could live a life I always dreamed of....

What a different lifestyle
from the gorgeous English Tudor in the classiest part of Nashville,
that I had directed a lot of the remodeling a few years earlier
of this home that had sat empty for over 5 years - guess no one else
wanted to tackle the tremendous task of restoring the beauty that was
still there under vines, overgrowth of surroundings and an inside sitting abandoned
that many years.
I took one look at that home and knew what beauty was under
all that other's viewed..

So this mom left  the country club membership, private schools for her older brother and sister
and all that most considered the good life and left it behind.
With no regret.   I went back to me, my dream of living in the country and all it involved.

I started over  out in the middle of farmland and began the process of remodeling
this neglected over 100 year old farm house.
Which was the love of my life
from the first sight and when pulling in the dirt drive - I almost jumped out of the car
without it stopping - the one I begged to drive me to the country, the one that I was leaving
remarked "you must be crazy to like this old house".
Oh yes
I was crazy  and could see my new life unfolding.....

We really took to the country with a big garden, fruit trees, bought an incubator
that held 100 eggs, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys and guineas and peacocks
roamed our surroundings.

Enough of this as I have shared many stories in the past.
With all of the hard times, wonderful times
I have experienced a number of lifestyles
and now nearing the end
I am happier then ever and have so many blessings
just wish the body would obey
but then realistically
it is not suppose to be as it was 20 or 30 years ago
but seems my mind is :)

Bought Jamie a handmade sun bonnet that she liked wearing
With the aid of my wonderful new  computer helper was able to enlarge this old photo.

Now this next image
was posted on an article she recently wrote
and on her Net flex site
She looks like a fashion model :)
Guess that is the way
mama's like me think....

Busy days
much to share
was not going to post
until Monday
but when successful
with the farm image of years in the past,
so many memories
hope I can sleep tonight
could not wait until Monday...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Once again the Sun is shining...

Sunny, warmer days have returned and so welcome

Before daybreak I mixed up batter for Molasses cookies and what I like about this new recipe
is you put it all together, kitchen a mess and then put the bowl of batter in refrigerator to
chill.   Will bake after lunch and they usually make almos 4 dozen.
 This done, kitchen tidied and prepared breakfast, finally a more normal one then the
yogurt, banana, green tea and some apples sauce.

An avid tea drinker, probably 3 times a day.   Like my pretty tea cups, not a mug kind of person
but seems I need more then one of these small cups to satisfy me and tea does not stay warm long.
Discovered this new tea cup with a cover - oh my - how wonderful as with cover being taken
on and off my tea stays warm for almost an hour - now my favorite cup...
Another busy day
guess they are all busy
but I smile
as I am blowing leaves of terrace early this morning
it looks like
my turnip greens have returned :)

and the woods have returned to their show - so beautiful...

Wherever you are
have a good day.....

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Big City

Friday I met my daughter Beth half way to the big city.  Helped me as it is increasingly very tiring
for me to make the trip into Nashville and back to the country on my own (can do it - but this is better.)   I drove as I go a special way and my children drive the interstate - which I do not like.      We went onward and was able to make
quick stops along the way.   First the bakery I like and bought Sour Dough and Tuscan bread.  Had them slice, double wrap and will put some in freezer.   I eat very little bread except if something like this on hand and brings back memories of years ago when I made sour dough bread

Next stop the Army Surplus store, have been stopping at this store for many years for some quality
items that I do not see in store.   Inside this home I go barefoot most of the time, this time of year my feet
stay cold and wanted some  really  warm socks with the little things on the bottom to keep me from slipping
on finished floor,  I found some, nice and thick, reasonable price, all I have seen in stores
have been so thin.  Also bought another pair of long underwear :)  seems with cold weather
arriving these are great (now never in the past with all of my pretty gowns on hand :)

Next stop wanted to make a quick trip into Trader Joe's,  A few different items purchased
and they have the best price on Manuka Honey from New Zealand.   I read about this honey
several years ago and it is suppose to heal everything imaginable plus be so good for you
Less expensive at T.J's then Amazon.  Still pricey at $10,99 for 8 ounce jar, but if it does
what it says it is suppose to do - this one may have some quality years left on this planet.
Also, I like good cheese and they carry some that is not at my local market.

Next on to  the a special new restaurant that Beth and G/G like.  Now it is  only a little bigger then my
bedroom, very small and Asian food.   A line outside, so knew it must be special and in about 8 minutes we found a table.    I  usually like this type of food but after arriving home
after this  birthday meal with my Beth - I was sick all night... and still not quite normal.

I do so well with my food, love to cook, and really like my food the best :)  but my Beth I wanted to spend time with her on her
birthday and this was choice for her birthday meal.

So onward home, very tired, drinking an Ensure as I traveled down the road to my special
place by the woods.

Saturday - I made chicken soup, chopped chicken breast, carrot, onion, celery, very small potato,  parsnip and
chicken broth, always remember my Laurie's motherinlaw makes the best chicken soup
with her homemade Matzo balls    I have tried to make them but not successful.    An addition
of a small can of chicken broth with 3 Matzo balls (so good and pleased I discovered this product
a few years ago.)  Also an addition of a very small handful of pasta.   Special warming my
sour dough bread and dipped in olive oil....

Soup so good, yesterday, today (Sunday) also tomorrow and freeze a carton.

A damp, cloudy and sprinkling rainy day.   This has been a good day to sit still (but still did a lot)
and read N.Y. Times, drink coconut water, discovered a new one with an addition
of pineapple - so good, some yogurt to try and settle what is going on in my system.

Enough shared :)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Look

Electrician arrived on Wednesday to see what he will need for work on Thursday,
 had him remove the glass doors off two of the cabinets
I really like it...

Could not take a proper image - glasses on 2 top shelves are clear and some colored they looked gray in this image.
Everything on these shelves has history and the 2 sets of dishes almost 60 years old.
Not worried about dust collecting as everything is used often.   I like glasses and dishes :)

Early this morning,  glass boy :) arrived at 9:30  to replace glass in old truck.   Was told it was not the front
window but back window.   A substance used that usually takes care of it and told if problem
returns this young man will return and do back window for 1/ 2 price :)   Rain has stopped
needs to dry to blow leaves on porch and deck.

Electrician returned before glass man to install some special lights, new bulbs in cottage
and to think it has been 6 years, they are fine but not pushing luck.   He and helper
using high ladders and I asked if the helper could remove some of the leaves from gutters, saying
if you do not have time or want too that is fine..
He said "sure" when paying this special one that has helped me with electrical work
and lately other requests I make for 12 years - noticed nothing listed for gutter cleaning.
I inquired about it and he said "no charge."
I thanked him and felt like crying as it seem lately so many little gifts are given me.
The last 3 years has been difficult to find someone reasonable to do this chore and usually
has to be done several times.    When building by the woods this chore never entered my mind.

So thankful is this one,
lately so many special gifts are given to me,
I take nothing for granted as I work with a tight budget.
Much I do not share, seems lately someone is opening a door, helping me with groceries, handing me
something from a high shelf , I sometimes hear "be careful" because I am always moving at a fast
pace."  Other times no help received, do not really expect it
 I carry on...

This one
prays continually for wisdom, clarity, pacing herself and ability to accept this stage of life.
Some days
on cloud 9 and other days not that way....
The burst of energy for 10 days is coming down - but sure accomplished a lot and still
a lot of desk work.   Sometimes I have the thought "how can I have so much to do at this stage
of life - calendar in kitchen and one on personal desk - looks like I am running a business for
there is not an empty space

All of the houseplants that were on the screen porch have been placed on the loft
(with some help) and it looks like a greenhouse.    They always do so well on this
warm area.

All workers  left by 1:00 dinner time, I drive out the gravel drive to pick up mail and
a dead tree had fell across drive, was able to push enough out of the way for truck
to continue next project finding someone to move this tree to my brush
pile and later burn.  Really does not matter if it lays there until Spring...

So I have discovered that my plan 7 years ago for a simple lifestyle, smaller home,
less to do
has not happened as of yet....

Also noticing that every day as it begins to get dark
the deck usually has a squirrel or two chewing on the rails.
I wonder
why ?
Do they like the taste of the paint ?

Posting this evening
and planning on trying to stay off of my friend
the computer
for a few days.....