Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1st - Robins

Eugene Gassett

A cold rainy evening for February 1
snow flurries in the morning
Looking out the window
I count 20 Robins in the tree outside my window

Friday, January 30, 2015

Years Ago and A Memory Of My Mother

All through my mother's lifetime
she made the best slaw.
Can remember her holding a head or 1/2 of cabbage
always using a hand grader.
I could never quite master doing this,
even if I cut a smaller wedge of cabbage
could not hold it correctly.
My grader in image
I have had for many years.
My small Cuisinart chopper
is perfect for me in so many ways
and use many times a week.
Also several small tools I use for grading.

Main difference between my mother's slaw and mine
is my addition of small amount of red cabbage and green peppers.

This morning as I was making this slaw my mother came so vividly to my mind and
realized that she will be gone 15 years in a few days.
She passed away at 82 a few days before her 83rd birthday.

Miss her....

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Callie and Look What I Found

No sleep last night
and when I got back up at 3:30
thought I would let Callie out.
Looked in the utility room across her little gate
and she was not there.
I called for her
went outside and she came running.
The screen door on the screen porch
had been torn badly.
Never before have I done this
guess I let her out last night
and forgot to bring her in :(
A 40 degree night
Callie I am so sorry.

Yogurt, banana and tea for breakfast
and when I go off line
will scramble an egg and have toast and tea.

Filled bird feeders
had not been done in 5 days
and look what I found.
I feel better if I keep moving
and have always been like this.
Know I will crash after lunch
and mail pickup.

Continual connection problems with Verizon
but just not up to spending hours online and phone with them.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two Busy Days

Errands finally finished.
As time is going by (rapidly) your favorite doctor of years has retired.
Moving you change doctors again
and finally you find the right one that sends you a letter that she
is no longer using your insurance.
So made a visit to  meet another one this morning
and it will not be the one.   Much has changed
and will not go into it at this time.
Will say that my past has been with doctors who knew me, my family
and they were friends - now it is - what's is your problem, your treated and that is it.

Restocked pantry, freezer and so good to arrive home.
Purchased a frozen
 bag containing, Sesame Chicken from P.F. Changs.
Do not know if this is local or nationwide.
A favorite eating place in Nashville.  I like Chinese food
but can only tolerate occasionally.

Quickly warmed my meal, stove top in large nonstick skillet.
Stated it was 2 servings
Cooked only 1/3 as I eat small portions and this was way too much.
Half way through cooking added some mushrooms and a side of rice that was on hand.
Looked so pretty in my plate
I took its picture.

Have tried much that is available at the grocery in the frozen section and like none of it.
In the past would keep something like this on hand for busy times that I did not feel like
cooking and finally stopped.
This Chinese dish was tasty and will see how my stomach tolerates it :) (stomach did not like
I add this several hours later : )

I eat very little bread, do not like from freezer, no longer bake my own,
but occasionally like a slice toasted with breakfast or toasted and topped with my
pimento cheese or special fruit jam.    My daughter Laurie reminded of Ezekiel bread and it came to
mind that I use to buy this bread, it is in the health food freezer section, so good, a hearty healthy bread.
Bought a loaf of the sprouted whole grain and enjoyed it so much yesterday morning.
When I want a slice can take it out of freezer and this will last me for months.
Miss the bread from the bakery in the big city, Tuscany bread and maybe soon I can
make a trip and have that available in freezer.

Spent a sleepless night and restless day or two
worrying about family in N.Y. and Washington
pertaining to weather
but all turned out well.
Also my chef granddaughter fell on ice
2 days ago
and fractured her elbow.
Lucky it was her left arm.
the special young woman that I share my
N.Y. times with
came by and told me her husband
will have open heart surgery next week :)

Wish I did not worry so about so much
 I have no control over.
On second thought
at this time
all I have control over
is - me.
Keeps me in constant prayer
and thankfulness..

but the wonderful Sun is shining...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Week of January

A bitter cold, windy, cloudy day begins.
Need to run errands
but not out of anything but bananas
and will wait another day.

Bright sun was shining yesterday
even though cold.
Now this one never stops
always tidying and cleaning
but why is it when that bright sun
comes through the windows
you see
dirty windows
 fridge needs deep cleaning
and dust everywhere.
I really do not know anyone else
at this time of life
that is constantly doing what I do.
My daughter called this morning
I shared this
and she commented
you see a lot that other's do not see :)
or ignore....

Spring cleaning in the past took
a week. 
Maybe a room a day.
Now it takes months
but only doing this a few hours every day.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Please Pray For Balisha - Pat

Online friends become so special to us.
Most of the time we never meet
but read and share comments
 from our hearts.

My computer and writing opened up
a new world for this one
8 years ago.

Balisha has been waiting to know exactly what is going on
with her body.
This morning she shared
it is ovarian cancer.

So sad
I am for her.

I might add that I will not disappear
and if I can no longer post on my journal
one of my children
will let you know why.

Please pray for this special friend.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Friday On A Rural Road

A special neighbor came by early this morning
to pick up New York Times
she brought me 1 dozen of her fresh eggs.
Will use for baking.
They are almost too pretty to use :)
and they will be delivered weekly.
These will be a treat for my son when he visits soon.

Could not resist this Hyacinth plant at the grocery last week
finally blooming.
The scent is heavenly.
you are not far away :)

Breakfast - coconut yogurt, blueberries, 1/2 banana, apricots, plums, dates and sunflower seeds.
white tea and a shot of pineapple juice (a Dr. Oz recommendation)

Simmering for lunch - Chili
End of the day as I look out the front window
They are eating the wheat :(
and I might add that just getting up I am greeted with snow on the ground
the first.