Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grilled Eggplant Caprese Salad

Every since I cut this recipe out of  "Cooking Light" magazine
have been looking weekly for a small Eggplant.
They are always so big and need the size for just me.

In Nashville the other morning picking up my little girls
and always stop at the Mennonite produce stand.
There it was, just my size, along with fresh tomatoes, peaches,
yellow squash and green beans - I made my purchase.

On hand, olive oil, garlic, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, fresh mozzarella cheese
and loads of fresh Basil - which I will cut in ribbons.

So this sounds so good and reminds me of an eggplant sandwich enjoyed when my
son was visiting.

I will broil peeled and sliced eggplant in oven (for 10 minutes)  since I returned the grill I thought of  purchasing.
Then will put eggplant, tomatoes, cheese in dish and cover with the olive oil, small amount of
balsamic vinegar, sea salt and cover with my fresh Basil.

Along with the rotisserie chicken purchased yesterday
this sounds like a winner to me for my Sunday meal.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Help For Each Other

Grandma, needed help with weeding a bank
and they wanted to make some spending money.

After shopping for some school uniforms
we started...

They were given gloves,
 grandma's shirts and we began

Many  limbs put on the big
pile that already had been started.
Mulch was unloaded from the truck to the dolly
and bags were placed in different areas of the garden.

Next came the bank that I am not comfortable cleaning
anymore and they filled two wheel barrows full

Thank you
to my youngest granddaughter's.

The youngest kept picking up my cane
and I remarked "I do not like using this"
the older one made the comment
"grandma it could be a lot worse"
and I replied
"I know but still do not like it."

A productive day has ended....

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Kind of Weather

Can you believe
it is going to be 58 in the morning.
I am typing this late Tuesday
and it is now Thursday and another 58 degree morning.

enjoyed the day so much.
Old wheelbarrow filled 3 times
and need to empty into compost pile
A comment made to me in the past
"how do you know what to cut back?"
I have never given that a thought
just prune everything that is overgrown
and it always returns in abundance.

The vine on the post holding the humming bird feeder
is a Cypress Vine.   Some I have heard call it a humming bird vine.

Mine is just now full of buds and volunteers by the hundreds are everywhere
continual pulling them up.

Soon it will look like this
Another volunteer
that returns continually
and the leaves are tipped in red.
A special elderly lady years ago
"Miss Robbye" shared with me
and called it a Summer Poinsettia
These 2 small late blooming plants come up in abundance
this time of year.   Nice as much that brought so much color to my garden
has finished blooming.

Early this Thursday morning
 hear the washing machine going,
filled with sheets and plan on being careful and hanging on line outdoors :)

With a few cooler evenings it is nice to use my oven to bake potatoes.

This is my kind of weather....

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


A call from my son in Thailand this early morning.
His sharing always so interesting and encouraging.

An email from my granddaughter, Sarah
the aspiring chef who is working in Nantucket
again this summer.

I admire her determination as she continues
to follow a dream.
Maybe she will be abroad this winter to experience some
cuisine in other cultures.

Another granddaughter and her special one
 return from their honeymoon
in Italy this week.

Another image just received of my grandson

I think of all of these special ones and smile as
they are experiencing travels that I use to dream about.
Now, this matriarch just wants to stay in her
cottage by the woods and garden.

These are my  3 older grandchildren I share about
at the moment.

My 2 youngest
oh my  I wonder what they will experience in their lifetime.

All in all
life has been so good.
A lot of ups and downs
but I would not be where I am at this moment
if these had not been a part of
my life journey....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Oh yes
delightful that the
predicted rain arrived late yesterday.
Now not the storms they kept talking about
but wonderful rain.
Could use more on my dry gardens
but anything from Heaven is appreciated.

The humming birds loved it
and as I sat on my small front porch
they were having a time.
Could not use camera fast enough
and at one time saw 6 buzzing around the feeder.

Was able to take an image of 3.

A quick errand to town this morning to purchase some more bags of mulch and some potting soil
that is added to woods dirt when filling pots.

Home and since ground is easy to work with  have dug up several favorite daylillies, split and
moved.  Needed to be done while color is remembered.

So much needs to be done and after lunch and will try to pace myself, stay off the bank where so
many plants need to be dead headed and cut back.  

Seeing some butterflies that I have missed.  They may just like the weather that is being
enjoyed by this one. 

 A unusally cool morning predicted for tomorrow.
and very welcome
if it arrives...

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Harvest Beginning

Oh my
this corn looks wonderful
3 dozen to prepare
and have already put 1/2 the watermelon in fridge.
Wish I had twice this
and another freezer/ fridge
in the garage.
I think
do not need this,
do not eat this much
but love Summer time abundance.
My knife needs to be sharpened :)

Favorite picture of my youngest daughter
from last weekend visit.
Wearing mom's

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Busy Morning

Laundry at dawn,  used little racks on deck as line is on a slope and did not feel like being careful
as I approached the line with laundry basket in hand.

 Filled bird feeders, deadheaded some plants and moved a few daylillies (before I forget the color) and then watered.  A sweet wonderful aroma fills the air, almost like someone has sprayed perfume, I believe it is my purple phlox that is in the garden and several other areas.

Living in the country it so welcome when a neighbor brings some fresh green beans, squash and
2 tomato's from her garden.  Then another call that the corn had come in and I will pick up 3 dozen later and cut some off for the freezer plus she has 1/2 watermelon for me.
A good meal in store, the kind I could eat every day.
Green beans, squash, corn, tomato and cucumber salad, tea and corn bread.

I look at this small quantity and have memories of my gardens in the past, the large amount that I picked,  how  freezer was filled and many jars sat in my cupboard.   Oh, how I loved doing this and would look with pleasure and pride
at all the many colorful jars.    Can remember how good the salsa was that I made from my garden
produce and my son would eat a whole jar at a time with his meal.   At the time I had
multiplying onions that came up every year and have not been able to find them for
many years.   All you need is a few and soon you have a bushel full, some to plant for the next year
and many to share.  Have several old recipes shared by some that were unusual.  One would
at the end of the season pick many vegetables and preserve them like you would pickles.
This mixture was delicious and another shared her squash pickle recipe with me.  Remember
these kind ladies in their late years and for many years they have been gone.
Their names come to mind - Miss Susie, Miss Alma, Anna Leigh, Maude, Miss Cora and
Miss Robbye are some of the names.  They were all so good to me and no one like that at this time.
Of course, I am now their age :)

A lot of memories
and it is almost like
watching a movie....