Sunday, December 21, 2014


Found this little sign yesterday
and also lucky to finally find boxes
to send some baking items to Florida.

Wish this sign
 was metal,
will nail on tree by woods
as you pull down long gravel drive.
Maybe it will
 last until little girls visit on
Christmas Eve.

Painful nights continue
and feel better if I keep moving
and a busy day of baking continues. 

Later in the day
will enjoy reading the New York Times
Sunday paper....

Friday, December 19, 2014

New Recipe

Cranberries so good for you
never used in the past except during Christmas.
Now using in a number of recipes
including on my once a week
 flax seed waffle with maple syrup.

Seasonal and lower price at this time and am putting
in the freezer along with last summers blueberries and strawberries.

Cranberry Orange Pound Cake
made several hours ago
on this cloudy morning....

Baking, cooling and glazed.
Recipe by Chef in Training,

Good, but thought comes to mind
that I have so many great, much used recipes collected for 50 years
need to stop adding more to my file.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nothing The Same - But That's Alright

In past years there was everything on hand
special containers and huge assortment of paper and ribbon
for wrapping.
No longer so over the last couple of years.
Amazon and gift cards easier for this one and now not much of that.
The baking of these 2 cakes was a thought that surfaced
and not on hand what I would have had in the past to wrap them.
Usually just share on plate wrapped with foil
but these cakes needed to be packed a little more secure.
Wish I had Christmas shopping bags to put them in
but all is fine.
I checked on line ( to see if you keep them in the freezer ) and the wonderful thing about these Rum cakes
is that they will last for months just covered or in frig and they are super moist.

They are on plate, doily, cardboard insert in center opening keeps foil from sticking to cake,
covered with foil, then some wrapping paper and I had large zip lock bags
to put them in.   Do keep zip lock bags on hand in every size and this super size
is great for large items.

Sky, thank you again for the paper roll idea and I unrolled some paper toweling for the
cardboard insert.
Balisha, next time out and about will pick up a large roll of cellophane :)

I still love to bake, a lot to clean up and seems it is relaxing to me at this time.
Watch very little television, just news and it is depressing but need to know if I am still
on the planet.   Need to start reading more as books are piled everywhere....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


These 2 smaller stem pans were purchased
many years ago and have not used them for
20 years.

A normal size stem pan recipe
makes 2 smaller cakes.

Took out of oven, cooling and inverted
to continue cooling
was so pleased after so many years
all is fine.
Now soaking up
butter, sugar and rum sauce
and a sprinkling of powdered sugar
Maybe more powdered sugar
after totally cool.
Will place on a red plate
with doily underneath
and now
the question is
how do I wrap them
to deliver tomorrow ?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This Morning

Much loved, trusty old truck serviced and has been almost a year.
All is well except hose for window washer fluid plugged, hose good and in time will check it out.
Shared years ago how I bought this truck from a dealer I called in Nashville.  Shared exactly what
I wanted, no extras, my color, medium size and could not drive to big city.  Received call
and truck information was shared with me and told they would bring it to me with someone
following to witness sale and take driver back to big city.  Another conversation to be sure
they were bringing what I wanted.   Oh my, exactly my truck and on sale since end of year.
It was purchased and pleased every since except for 2 years it was given to my son for his
mechanic to drive (since I was in the city and did not need a truck) and at this time would have half the miles if I had kept it.

Next to bank to cash the really big check of $22.90 from my insurance company which stated
since I had all of my insurance with them and no wrecks for almost 40 years
this was a gift to me.   First time I ever received such a gift and probably is about .60 cents a year
for me :)   Thankful I am - also for the big $10 increase in my SS.   Another mistake because divorce never entered this ones mind, one check was written for 18 years in husbands name when I ran the financial end of business.   Remember sitting at that desk many hours over the years and even
worked from the hospital bed when my son was born.  Remember the nurse asking "why is an adding machine and checkbook being brought to you when you just gave birth to a baby :)
Loyal I was...

Next to Walmart for a few items and they did not have the suet for birds that I wanted.  What they had was too expensive and I can buy at farm store for much less.
Used my $5 coupon for lotion I like.  
Thrifty I am.
Also purchased some Rye grass seed to spread on areas that might wash in the next months.

Several times a year I stop at the pizza place.  It was almost noon and the weekly buffet has
excellent vegetarian pizza.  Always $5.99  in the past for all you can eat and I put 3 or 4 slices in a box.
Told it went up $2.00 at the cashiers and after warming when I returned home noticed no mushrooms like
in the past and something new had been added black beans.  It was still tasty but missed
the mushrooms.   Everything changing - even my pizza...

I wonder many times why I share, just like writing and family knows about my interesting probably is boring and repeating myself a lot lately
but will just keep writing.

The days by the woods continue to be cloudy, damp and cold.  Sun where are you?

My Beth sent this to me
and said it reminded her of me
and so right she is.
This is my home
and Peace resides here...

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Blessing This Early Morning

At dawn they arrive
2 trucks and 4 men.
I thought maybe a pick up truck
owner and helper
and was certainly wrong.

They cleaned gutters, burned huge brush pile,
surrounding cottage lawn and garden has been blown clean,
nailed up my Woodhaven sign that had come loose,
turned over bird bath so it would not freeze and
even took some things out of my car that were to
heavy for me to lift.

I will start having them next Spring to cut grass and mulch.

So many years I have done most of this and no longer am able.

Mornings I still pick up limbs, use blower and tidy all I can
and using a school boy occasionally is just not getting all done.

It was so reasonable and will not post cost.
They were doing so much, so fast I was getting uncomfortable
with what it might cost.

Never have I said this to someone in the past "is that enough"
but that is what I said and he replied yes
and have a Merry Christmas...

They must have been Angels....

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Easy, Quick and Tasty

Easy Clam Chowder
yesterday and will finish today
so good.

Chopped onion, celery and potatoes cooked

Add to 1 can of Clam Chowder
1 can of chopped clams, used a little liquid

Simmer altogether with a cup of half and half
or little more

ending with a splash of Sherry
and topping with crumbled bacon, cheese
and Parsley and Chives
still thriving in garden.

Wondered about adding a touch of hot sauce,
know my son would :)
as he adds to everything.

Next will try a seafood chowder
adding shrimp, oysters and cod.
My favorite
lobster not readily available

I made enough for 2 days
so good with some Gouda cheese crackers
I found at market.

 I may
make again and
add more of everything and serve
when family visits.

Thankful that I like my food more then eating out,
still love to cook and enjoy taking a recipe and changing.

reading one of your entries
thank you for reminding me of
my favorite chowder.