Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memories For Her and You Never Know

I smile as I look at my youngest daughter's
working space in her home.
Her childhood desk that sat on the loft of the old farm house.
A picture of her parents on their wedding day.
I commented I liked the sunflower picture and where did she get it ?
She wrote back and said it was a picture done by my youngest granddaughter :)
I recognize the lamp on the desk, a flower pot that was mine
and always smile at images of the piano that Amelia now plays.
Remember well when I sold the old farm house and started drastically
downscaling, saying it was hers.   Comment she made  "I never liked playing the
piano and do not want it."  But her mom held onto it wanting it to
go into her home and maybe one of the girls would play.
Piano lessons was the one thing I could give her in our country home after my divorce.
She went to the local country school, where her older siblings had the pleasure of
attending one of the finest private school in the big city.
The country school beginning
it never held her back in any way....
Oh yes, my youngest granddaughter now plays the piano, guitar I bought her
and a keyboard she received last Christmas....
So many good memories that make me smile.... 
Now I need to get off the computer and stop looking at old pictures.
Daylight is here
and my day begins....

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Yes, finally
maybe back to my normal busyness.

Nonstop over a number of days.
So busy seems I hardly had time to eat
but continued with a smoothie in the morning and it is loaded with veggies, fruit, protein
and healthy quick meal.

Shut car door on my index finger,
so sore but thankful did not break or cut it off.
Lost my cell phone, have looked everywhere
inside and out.  Still had my minutes unused
so apparently outside somewhere in the grass or weeds.

My car soon 15 years old and some small things need constantly attending too.
Started looking online with those I have worked with in the past.
Told them what I would spend and everyone so nice with vehicles brought to me.
Finally local dealer with great trade in and incentives now going on
I made a decision.
Thought of a different kind of vehicle but decided on another similar to what I have
but a 2015.  Last car I will purchase.

Do not think I could handle well
breaking down on the road.

So pleased with this car, much I will never use and do not know how to use but will be reliable
for me the rest of my years.   It is so pretty and almost afraid to drive it.
Another plus is it will be here when my son visits for him to use.

Early morning trip to Lowe's, mulch on sale for 5 bags for $10, bought 10 bags and this will
probably be all I need.

Rain on and off for a week and everything in my garden is beautiful even the weeds.

Thank you so much
to all who inquired about  me.
Many times I have the thought of not continuing to write
thinking who in the world wants to hear about the last years
this one has left on the planet. I am well aware that all who comment
on what I share are much younger then me - their comments please me,
and family far and near know what I am doing....

I am doing well at the moment
nothing new has surfaced and some bothering me with severe pain in the past seems better.
Crossing my fingers it does not return, probably will and just giving me a break.

I continue trying to stop doing so much and just be....

Friday, May 15, 2015

Morning after...

Early morning smoothie
fresh spinach, yogurt, flax seeds, banana, blueberries, sunflower seeds, Manuka honey
blended with

Ginger is good for inflammation, drink the tea, pills and a bag of sliced ginger Amazon
Such a large bag arrived and shared with my chef granddaughter who spent a night and day
with me.   Enjoyed her so much, a trip to local nursery in the country for herbs she was looking
for and I now know Bay Leaf is good to add to cornmeal and flour to keep bugs away.
Also did not know it was also called the Christmas Plant.
Enjoyed listening to Sarah share about her learning to butcher pigs, cows, fish and lambs.
Difficult to imagine my granddaughter doing this but another plus as she continues to learn
on the journey she is now on.
I could never eat Lamb as I always visualized the little ones in pictures throughout the bible.
Also could never eat dove and they are everywhere in my surroundings and have such a beautiful
appearance with feather's that look like velvet.

Learned a lot through this visit and next time she will bring what she uses to sharpen her special knives, grandma's are really dull and can never seem to get them sharp as I want.
A chef from China is visiting her restaurant and she took him shopping for special ingredients
to prepare some meals.    This pleases me so much her interest in food, cooking and plants.

Blooming on the desk in my bedroom.  This orchid bought last year marked down and looked like
it would not make it - is beautiful and did not know the color.

Enough shared
need to water garden, so dry and calling for rain everyday but has not arrived.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Liked This

I was able to sit still and relax
The music was beautiful.
Simple story
makes you smile
but was sad at the end
as each went their own way.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Another Time and Another Place

Continuing to go through old pictures
and sending to my children.
First one, family trip to the island I miss so much.
Second image - this one in a city garden 10 years ago
Three of my older grandchildren at the old farm house.
One now a chef in Nashville, Tennessee
Another one continuing his career in Washington, DC
and one a school teacher in New York.
Time flying by
but in many ways when I go through these
old pictures
it seems like yesterday...

Saturday, May 9, 2015


I smile
and I cry
such a magnificent
bouquet of flowers
from my son.
My heart smiles
and says thank you....

It has purple and orange roses in the arrangement

Thursday, May 7, 2015

This May Day

Since early morning
Fans are whirling
Blinds shut
Wood bee's buzzing
Mosquito's have arrived
Sneezing a lot
New bloom
Early morning
sprayed some weeks
hoed a little
Do not feel like doing anything
Simple lunch
Sit on screen porch
viewing the garden and woods

Recently someone
spotted 2 owls
and the really big woodpecker
here by my woods
Wish it had been me with camera in hand..

Mother's Day cards
I have so many blessings

A simple day
that feels like July
and I will not have lunch on the sunny deck in this 98 degree temperature