Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rain, Sleet and Snow Arriving

Starting to rain, sleet tomorrow turning to snow.  Quick arrival and predicted quick withdrawal,
hope so.

Inside day, enjoyed some reading -  Mary Oliver always so special
and keep carefully pushing my comfortable chair closer to gas logs (wish it was wood)
trying to find just the right spot for reading, looking out window and TV.  Watch very little
television but still have 2 movies sent to me by Netflex and just have not felt like viewing them.
Even moved desk in bedroom to make it easier to take a photo of bird feeders.
Not a fan of squirrels and many here by the edge of the woods.  This one has chewed
my special angel.  Found it on the ground and what it is made of must be tasty.
When Callie is outside she keeps them away.  With being inside with me much this winter
on her rug by the door - she has gained weight.  Soon being outside she will probably lose
the weight.
Quick trip early this morning to very small town 5 minutes away
to take off trash and pull in drive in window of very old drugstore
for renewal of some medication.  The drive in window
is the best improvement they have made in the last years.
Home, filled 3 bird feeders in front, 3 in back and put new suet cakes out.  Not a bird in site
and when I came inside they were flocking by the feeders.  They sure know when I do this
and also that the weather is changing soon.  So muddy outside....

Looking forward to baking tomorrow

Life at this time at the edge of the woods

Monday, March 2, 2015

Problem With Blog Entry

Other things to important right now
I have spent too much time on this today.

Will return...

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Morning on computer
and just received email from my son.

A friend makes this

Sliced banana
on toast.

This big tea drinker
will have to try....

Neighbor was able to get truck out of ice
late yesterday as I never could.

Some help early this morning
with picking up limbs, burn brush pile
and snow off rest of walks.

Computer off
and my day begins....

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Early Morning

"Give yourself and someone else the gift of space and silence"

Preparing to bake and phone rings
a welcome call from Thailand.
Sharing of plans preparing for his move to 275 sf condo.
The norm for his area in the big city, families live in this space
and Sunday, N.Y. Times shared of new condo's being built with this square footage.\
in New York.  

Oh my
what a challenge
but then we all have too much stuff....

Made pumpkin bread  at 7:00 this morning - it has been a while for this delicious bread
Still awkward using my upscale, pretty mixer :)
Something I use to do
and not in a long time
put a glaze on the 3 loaves of 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp of lemon and almond flavor and 1/4 cup water
brought to a boil and poured over loaves.
I want to bake a lot over the next few weeks
and freeze some each time
for when my son is home with me...
A healthy breakfast
Mixed the last of mushrooms and spinach in my scrambled egg.
Next meal at about 2 or 3.  Two hearty meals a day suits this one
at this time of life.

Sun is shining and warmer today and tomorrow
hopefully I can move my truck out of ice.

Day begins with cleaning the kitchen...

Friday, February 27, 2015


I should not be writing
I am so sad..
A special friend has been in the hospital all week.
She went 2 times calling 9ll
and each time after checking her and medicating her
they sent her home.
Not the third time
She is 92
so dear to me.
Just called to just check in
and she cried
said I do not think I will make it this time.
So I pray
hope for recovery for her.

Drove to pick up mail
stuck in the ice
and I know a warming trend is arriving
but my drive and by the house
still icy.
Stopped 50 feet from home
and could not get out of ice.
Does not matter if it sits there
so lucky to get back inside.
Boots give no help
on the ice.
Computer problems continue
went off line this morning
about 20 times as I tried to do something.

You know it seems
that when you need some that are special
to you
and they know you are having a difficulty
they cannot deal with you
so they almost disappear.
That's alright
for I know what is going on.
I have not been like this
or maybe I do not remember
being like this.

The last couple of years so many I know
and have been close too
experiencing severe health issues
and some no longer here.
So aware this will continue as one ages
and a part of our jouney
but still difficult to accept.

I strive for balance
pray continually
am fine but a difficult time
with 3 close ones
having health issues.

Enough said...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

My First Granddaughter

Happy Birthday on the 28th

So many memories
This picture taken years ago at the old farmhouse
you have on my old jacket with your arms around brother Gavin :)
The orchid you sent me for my birthday is blooming again :)
I write about the snow, ice and cold surrounding my woods
but it is nothing like you experience in New York
going and coming to your teaching position.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Life At The Moment

I have so much to be thankful for
heat, electricity, water, shelter, food, a wonderful family and special friends that
checked on me yesterday.

They arrived in the big truck, made tracks in the driveway that was snow covered ice, shoveled my walk
 helped me so I could get to their vehicle safely, seed in my bird feeders and  took me to the market, brought me home and helped unload
a lot of groceries.

Another neighbor brought my Sunday paper to me along with mail of several days.

Sharing honestly
since not seeing a soul or being out for 9 days,
felt like I was about to lose it but recovered somewhat after this kindness.

I am unsettled about my ct scan on Wednesday and really do not need
to predict that surgery may come about
but think it may.  Cancelled once because of snow and ice
but looks like a lot of melting tomorrow and it should be no
problem for me to go forward.

Not wanting to just disappear for days and may not feel like writing
I feel obligated  to tell all the special ones that stay in touch with me.
Accustomed to being in control, this one healthy for the majority of her life
 is not too brave of a patient.
It is not life threatening but just a hospital procedure of any kind
unsettles me and I am ashamed to admit it.

May continue to write like always
and may not for a while
just really do not know at the moment.