Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Busy Morning

AT 6;00 AM - chopping celery, onions, carrots to go in crock pot.
My Beth's recipe along with organic chicken broth and 3 chicken thighs
and she shared her butcher said with the bone in is the healthiest.
So crock pot is simmering

 and I am trying to eat some oats with chopped apple and yogurt with banana
 as I wait for Lisa
to take me for 8:00 doctor appointment.

Surprise, her husband is driving as some roads still not too good.
She shares he does not mind and what a good husband he is.   I tell her
remember after doctor apps wanted to go to Cindy my hair girl as it has
been many weeks and I have chopped off a cup full of hair trying to still look
presentable :)    She replies that is fine as we will drop you off (or rather she helps me into
shop)  and have errands
in town.

She helps me in their big vehicle and onward we go to the doctor, Talked for 30
minutes and then blood work.    Found out nothing new, hopefully blood work results
return normal and I am to continue all I am doing -
try to eat more, keep moving, rest, do not fall and please take something for night time pain.

They ask about my children, I have described them well and their lifestyles.  Share
did see Beth last Sunday and week before Jamie and Beth came for weekend
and to take me to grocery and my son will be arriving in now weeks to be with me for
a while :)  Continual calls and emails from my special children and grandchildren - do not like that I have seemed to become needy
as this time and always so independent - bit ,miss them and guess that is normal.
Guess this is what a health issue does to you..

Helped to car, oh I hate this, comfortable in my surroundings, but not so comfortable
in other surrounding and balance is horrible./   So on to hair place and now look more like myself,what
ever that is - as it seems this one struggling with pain, balance, eating and low energy is not me.
everywhere I go and I need them :)

Home, add cooked egg noodles to soup and eat 2 small bowls.   Lay down on sofa and fall
asleep for almost 2 hours (this is unusual) but weary and a tiring morning.
It is bitter cold outside and more snow predicted.

I do not like this, open bottom drawer of stove and I have a mouse.
Has been several years since once visited this cottage, I know what to do
but hate taking everything out, washing them and hopefully I can solve all of this.

More soup, cheese and crackers,  Ensure later tonight and hopefully I fall asleep and
will take something tonight to help me...

I have constant thoughts of not writing anymore
but love to write and does not matter if anyone reads my sharing
and then it may help someone.

Ever thankful
that it took almost 80 years for all of this to surface.

Guess I thought this would miss me...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Just Ordered

My hot water bottle filled with hot water is put at the end of my bed nightly
So comforting and stays warm all night.
Just ordered another one and will put at my back.
So much better then heating pads that I know many use,
they are drying to the skin and use electricity.

I wear flannel pj bottoms and like the ones with pockets
and just ordered some from Amazon, 100 % cotton
and so reasonably priced - like $8
I wear a long sleeve cotton top in larger size;

No longer the beautiful gowns or pj sets as in the past seem small size  pj bottom fits
but top way too small.

Last night they said a dusting
and this is what arrived
schools closed in this rural area.
About 2 inches of snow and ice.

The twice a week therapist who arrives weekly with an ultrasound machine
that is so helpful for pain for about 2 hours.

He told me that I will have to figure out a way to deal with all the pain which is so severe
at night.    Seems daytime bad, but I tolerate with distractions.   This one does not want to be drugged.

Young woman who helps 2 hours twice a week is taking me to doctor in the morning
and will be glad when I feel comfortable driving again - probably about 3 weeks.

Hopefully sodium level is normal as I have been taking sodium pills twice a day
Never thought of this happening and they still have no answer for me :)
Also a mouth rinse for the painful mouth from massive doses of antibiotics
was delivered last night in snowfall from my kind pharmacist..
In the past yogurt helped but not this time..

So this one continues onward....

Friday, February 5, 2016

Slow Healing

Shadows in the cottage
have once again arrived.

This one
on her healing journey
has returned
to what was successful
40 years ago
after stress filled marriage
and a divorce.

Could not have made it without
God's word....

so helpful continual notes from my son
who is far over the water.

"remember emotions and physical and mental sensations are temporary
the breath is always there - your anchor to mindfulness and serenity"

so this one is  trying to follow the breath, which is helpful with pain and thoughts
but so difficult to do - now able for about 5 minutes.....

When you have been put on massive doses of ANTIBIOTICS
and now off of them
it takes a long time for the body to return to normal.

Yes, they are helpful but do much damage
and with continual yogurt and much more
hopefully I will return to normal.

I craved a fish dinner
but not comfortable driving as of yet
and will probably be about 3 weeks.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Healing Smoothie

Manuka Honey

Doing all I know to do
to get to the place
I use to be :)

it is going to be a slow process.

So many people helping me along the way
and I am thankful
but do not like being
slower, pain and this is not me....

Saturday, January 30, 2016


The one who keeps everything well stocked
has run out of so much and using Amazon Prime, 2 day delivery with trial program
and prices the same as market.   Even ordered my coconut water and Ensure yesterday.
A life saver for me at this time....

Because of Beth my RN daughter I have been made aware of so much available to me
at no cost for 6 weeks.   Everyone arriving is so nice and such a gift to me through this
healing process in my special cottage.

Also pain never leaves in shoulders and neck, no more cortisone shots because of tissue
breakdown and now affecting rotary cuff.    So pain continues and I deal in the way I can.

I am a fighter
will carry on
as I am not ready to leave the earth at this time.

So many prayers and concerns for me
and can never thank all the special ones helping me
through this

Thank you
to all of your encouraging words
and this cottage is the best place for me....

Friday, January 29, 2016

January Gone

Second emergency hospital visit.
All test repeated
Told, so healthy but sodium plunges
putting me in life threatening position.
Trying to regain strength and gain weight.
Snow and ice arrived
family could not get to me.
6 ladies, must be angels
have helped me through this.

So I continue on
trying to understand much.
Home therapy visits
with weekly blood test
and therapy to strengthen me.

Will be back..